Hair extensions in Boca Raton, a Dream Fulfillment!

Every woman wants a long, luxurious hair… The ultimate Beauty Accessory! K.A. Hair is hair salon located in Boca Raton, FL specialized in hair extensions.

Go ahead! You’ve always wanted to be able to swirl and twirl and throw a head of long, luxurious hair. And now you can! How do you want it? Sleek, long and straight? Soft and wavy? Luxurious curls? Your stylist can style your extensionsin the exactly same way that you would style your own natural hair. Swim, play, work, shower, and love without thinking twice about your hair extensions.


K. A. Hair Salon Boca Raton Extensions

BondPlus is the only hair extension system with the technology to attach additional strands of luxurious hair to
your own hair without glue, or chemicals . Young Mons, Glamour Girls, Active Singles, Girls who just wanna have fun! BondPlus offers you a new high-margin product, access to new clients a new stream of recurring income. Quite simply, the safest, easiest, and most cost-effective hair extensions available.

The secret is in our technique high-tech shrink tubes, applied with the hair binder toll. With gentle heat, the tubes shrink, binding the new strands to the client’s own hair without glue or other chemicals. Originally place close to the scalp, the extension bond slowly moves away from the scalp with natural hair growth .Two or tree months later, the extensions are easily removed and re-bonded again close to the scalp.

The extensions can be easily removed with the hair bonder toll in about an hour, leaving your own hair completely UNDAMAGED. Best of all, the extensions can be re-used over again .

* How Do We Do It? It starts with the finest quality imported European hair, gently processed without dye and damage, in a wide variety of gorgeous colors and Lengths. Next, the strands are bonded to your own hair strands, close to the scalp, using high-tech micro shrink tubes. These tiny tubes shrink when exposed to the gentle heat supplied by the highly-engineered bonding tool. They’re almost invisible after heating, and don’t damage either your own hair or your extensions.

* How Long Will My Hair Extensions Last ? The wearing period depends upon your individual hair grow, the structure and volume of your own hair, and your desired hairstyle. As you hair grows, the tubes move slowly away from your scalp . Re-bonding is usually recommended attwo to tree month intervals. European hair lasts up to two full years.

* Does my hair look natural to you? Your specialist will match the strands to your own hair’s structure and color, then place the strands precisely to give a beautiful natural – looking result. Best of all , you can care your hair extensions just as you would your own hair!

* Four Good Reasons To Invest in a Beautiful You: – Purchase your high quality hair only once. Beautiful European hair can be removed and used over and over again. – No glue and no chemical fasteners to damage hair. – Relax! Have fun! it’s a comfortable procedure that takes just two or three hours. Long , Luxurious and Beautiful Hair Can Be Yours…

Your Certified Stylist can show you just how beautiful you can be. Make your appointment today and please make sure you see an authentic BondPlus Certificate to show that your professional stylist is trained specialist in the incredible new technology.

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