Brush Progressive: Good or Bad?

Brush Progressive: Good or Bad?

I hope that This Post, I can help You to address some questions regarding the use of these “Miracle Products”.

Keratin Treatment Boca RatonFirst of all, we will try to succinctly understand the difference between these brushes and straightening with formaldehyde. Most straightening products are know as ammonium thioglycolate and etalonamina. Both Change the structure Of the hair chain and may thereby change the Shape of the Wire without damaging it and without removing minerals and other components of hair.

The formaldehyde is used in advance a deep cleansing shampoo to open the hair scales. This facilitates the action of formaldehyde, which removes minerals .

All Progressive contains Keratin, which serves to strengthen brittle strands, but in large amounts it leaves the hair stiff and hard.

Anvisa, organ that regulates all Brazilian hair products, allows the use of 0.2% formaldehyde, which in this case serves only as a preservative. What is known is that for smoothing, this dose it is much higher than allowed. To identify whether the product offered contains or not formaldehyde, here are a few tips:
– Usually You will notice some smell of formaldehyde, if This is not immediately identified, other smell is usually added to the product formula to disguise it, such as chocolate, flowers, mint, fruit, and more. The stronger these essences probably the greater the amount of formaldehyde found.

– And Finally, pay attention to some effects that may be observed and caused by these “brushes fashion”
In contact with skin, it causes redness, pain, and burns. In the eyes, the reaction is similar, and will occur lacrimation, blurred vision, and, in the case of high concentrations, irreversible damage. Inhalation also causes sore throat, headache, cough, dizziness, irritation of the nose and disturbances in breathing , leading to pulmonary Edema and pneumonia. Formaldehyde is considered a carcinogen by the World Healthy Organization (WHO).

Now let’s be honest. Does it Worth it?

I hope this little post, with very limited information regarding the size of information that this matter deserves has helped clarifying some doubts.

Living healthy hair!

KA Hair only uses the organic keratin treatment (free of formaldehyde) and aloe Vera based to seal and treat the hair shaft!

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