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Looking after your hair properly takes the right products- here’s what you’ll need.

Liquid shampoo
Cleans hair by lifting dirty and oil, it may surprise you how little you need for this – a blob the size of a quarter is enough for mid-length hair. Use less for shirt styles, more for long.

Dry shampoo
Great for absorbing oil between washes- a must for anyone with processed hair where roots need cleansing more often than ends. Apply , wait a few minutes, then brush well.

Rich conditioner
Best for day to day use, this should be applied for one to three minutes, then rinsed out well. Where you apply it and any magic ingredients you require depend on your hair type.

Leave – in conditioner
Used for fast fixes, these are lightweight and may offer UV protection- a good idea for colored or curly hair.

Hot oil treatments
Oil moisturizes dry hair dramatically and in combination with heat is best intensive treatment for hair.

Two- in- one shampoos
These combine shampoo and conditioner but they should be used only for short periods – they are not specialized enough for all-day, every -day haircare.

Wide – toothed comb
This is the only thing your hair should be touched when it’s wet.

Paddle brush
The best way to brush hair day to day.
Nylon bristles suit every hair type except curly. For curly hair choose boa’s – head bristles to prevent tangling.

Shine serum
Every hair type benefits from shine serum to help smooth the hair and give it an added gleam.

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